A land of make-believe from long, long ago. Welcome to the hotel where the Japanese fairy tale, The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, originated.

Isobe Hot Spring is a land without time, known as the place where the Japanese fairy tale, The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, took place.
At the Hotel Isobe Garden, every effort is made to ensure guests enjoy their stay and return home delighted. And, it all begins with a "bright smile"and
"warm heart" from the staff much like the thankful sparrows in the fairy tale.


  • Japanese Style Room
  • rakuzankan with hotspring Room
  • rakuzankan with hotspring Room
  • rakusuikan with hotspring Room
  • rakusuikan with hotspring Room

Japanese Style Room(with open-air bath)

Escape from reality into a world without time and discover what Japanese hospitality is all about.

Rooms at the Hotel Isobe Garden are spacious and carefully appointed for comfort.
Various floor plans and styles are available to serve guest needs and tastes. The greatest option is choosing a room that fits the way you prefer to travel.

Japanese Style Room

Japanese Style Room

Rooms information

Check in/Check out Check in 15:00(Last Check in:19:00)/Check out:10:00
*Varies according to plan.
Rooms 119
Furnishings Bath with shower, toilet with Washlet, air purifier-humidifier, hot water pot
Amenities Tea set, toothbrush set, bath towels, liquid soap, shampoo-and-rinse, yukatas, slippers



Warm yourself inside and out in the natural hot springs of Isobe

There are two men's and women's baths with open-air baths. The local hot spring water leaves skin feeling silky soft and quickly warms the body, which some claim is the best way to treat a common cold.
While at the Hotel Isobe Garden, you should visit the various baths like a sparrow frolicking in the water.

  • Rakusui no Yu
  • Rakusui no Yu

1F/Men’s bath, Women’s bath

Rakusui no Yu

The Rakusui Bath is found of the ground level. Between the men's and women's baths, there is a total of six soothing baths including open-air bath, fragrant cypress wood bath and rustic stone bath. The bath is spacious and inviting, so guests are welcome to enjoy themselves like sparrows frolicking in the water.

[Wash stations] 20 (Men's bath) 15 (Women's bath)
[Amenities] Shampoo, shampoo-and-rinse, Hair conditioner,
Hair dryer, Comb, Razors (Men's bath only)

  • Rakuzan no Yu
  • Rakuzan no Yu

2F/Men’s bath, Women’s bath, Sauna

Rakuzan no Yu

The Rakuzan Bath looks onto the pristine waters of the Usui River below. The Aisaibashi (Kyosaibashi) bridge that connects the men's and women's baths over the falls was modeled after the bridge in the hot spring resort. The panoramic view from the spas is an added trigger for relaxing the body and mind.

[Wash stations] 15 (Men's bath) 19 (Women's bath)
[Amenities] Shampoo, shampoo-and-rinse, Hair conditioner,
Hair dryer, Comb, Razors (Men's bath only)

Water Quality&Benefits

Water Quality Iron(II) - sodium - chloride • hydrogen carbonate strong saline spring
Benefits Effective against neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, etc.

【The large indoor baths are designed to spill over and circulate spring water.】
In order to efficiently utilize the limited supply of natural spring water, baths are designed so that spillover is recirculated.
At its source, the water has a high mineral and salt content, so plain water is added to make bathing more comfortable.


  • [Rakusui no Yu]Open

    ●Open : 5:00~25:00

    The hotel's baths are open until 1:00 in the morning.

  • [Rakuzan no Yu]Open

    ●Open : [hotspring]5:00~24:00 [sauna]15:00~24:00

    The indoor baths
					have Jacuzzi jets.


Signature cuisine made from choice local ingredients

Located in the middle of Japan, Gunma Prefecture is blessed with wild and farm produce throughout the year thanks to the long hours of sunlight and abundant water resources like the Tone River System. The hotel's experienced chefs take full advantage of the local quality as they dexterously prepare each dish. This is a great time to try the simplified approach to seasoning used in Japan.




The Hotel Isobe Garden serves a hearty breakfast


Combination buffet with a rich variety of some 70 Western and Japanese items

Guest can enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast while the food is still hot. Guests should try the rustic cuisine ofGunma Prefecture. A diverse menu is offered to satisfy the palates of both Japanese and Western food lovers.

The Hotel Isobe Garden serves a hearty breakfast so that guests can start they off right.
The menu features a variety of foods including seasonal ingredients and rustic cuisine typical of the local area, therefore guests are encouraged to get their fill.

[Open] 7:00 to 9:00
(The Front Desk can indicate good time slots that permit guests to leisurely enjoy breakfast.)


to Isobe Garden Access

JR Shinetsu Main Line 5min.Walk from Isobe St.

About Parking


The Hotel Isobe Garden provides free parking for overnight guests. Therefore,brfeel free to come by car.
[Capacity] 400 vehicles
[Rate] Free

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